Scarf tying can be simple, or complex. The knot you pick can change an outfit entirely, and it’s nice to know different methods to get the look you want. The boho half-bow is a retro feeling knot, and works best with a patterned scarf to show off different parts of the scarf. I recommend something thin to avoid extra bulk, like our Urchin scarf.

This one is pretty easy, and can be styled to fit your tastes. You start by draping the scarf over your shoulders, leaving both ends loose. Then you make a loose knot on one end, near your collarbone. Take the other end by the middle and pull it through the knot, leaving a loop—don’t pull all the way through. Take the other end, the one that made the initial knot, and pull it tighter to create half a bow.

Another fun way to tie a scarf is the Hollywood Hills style. It’s a simple knot styled to look posh. It’s easiest with a longer scarf and it can be done with a slightly thicker scarf. Since it’s mostly loose, I recommend a patterned one, like our Violetta scarf, to show off the fabulous print!

For this knot, all you have to do is drape the scarf over your shoulders. Like the previous technique, you tie a loose knot on one side, but this one goes by your neck. Pull the other end through the knot and toss it over your shoulder. Tighten the knot, and you’re ready to go.