Simple fabrics without any special dyeing or printing techniques don’t have to stay plain; they can have embroidery on all or parts of it, enhancing visual appeal. These days, it’s typically a mechanical process. Some embroidery, however, is done by hand, taking a lengthy amount of time to complete a single project due to the intricacy of the work. Each hand-embroidered piece is unique and special, crafted by a skilled artisan in their field. Not only is each piece different from any other, each style of embroidery is different. A popular style of embroidery in India is called Kantha, and has been practiced for generations. 

A Kantha stitch is very simple; it’s like a running stitch, and is usually very small in length. However, a finished Kantha project is more than just simple stitches: each piece has a series of small stitches that make up a complex and beautiful pattern or design. Some Kantha pieces only have dashes of stitches, using them as sparse accents. Either way, the finished look is lovely.

Accentuating an already established visual is another thing Kantha stitching is great at. Take our quirky Skyline scarf: silhouettes of city buildings adorn the front. Lines of Kantha stitches draw attention to the tallest skyscrapers, adding to the fun design. Even when it’s not the star of the show, embroidery can pack a punch! Don’t forget to check out our other Kantha embroidered pieces, available now.