Increase Your Boutique Sales 10% - 25% with

Asian Eye Accessories!

Every company wants to increase sales, and there are so many ways to do it! Retailers often turn to more advertising, pricing strategies or create special sales. However, one of the simplest ways to increase sales is to increase your accessory presence! Check out these simple ideas to increase your sales this season through Asian Eye Accessories...


1. Host an event with a trunk show sale on us!

Hosting an event in your shop can create new buzz! Entice new customers to visit your store, while encouraging returning ones to come in and splurge on the dress they’ve been thinking about, by showing new products never seen in your shop before!  Plus, you can offer a variety of colors, fabrics, and price points to determine what your customers really want.  Trunk show sales provide an easy way to host an event with many new and exciting products, while providing little to no investment or risk.

Our trunk show requires a small deposit to order; only pay for what you sell, and ship the rest back to Asian Eye - on us! It’s a risk-free way to attract more customers into your store, buy a variety of new and exciting pieces and increase your sales simultaneously! Great for holiday events, big sales and end of season clearance! Call us for support!

  trunk show

2. Market with a custom design scarf!

Create your perfect scarf and sell it exclusively in your stores! Design the scarf of your customers’ dreams with Asian Eye by using your logo, motto, design, pictures, colors or in store theme! These unique pieces will be one of a kind, and can represent your store and brand every time they are worn.

Give them as gifts to your customers or sell them for the right price to create a marketing and sales gift that just keeps giving to both your customers and your store. Ask us to create an exciting design for you, send us pictures and work directly with our talented design team to bring your style to life!

 izumi multi

3. Set yourself apart from competition with unique, one-of-a-kind products and artisan support of fair trade!

By offering more than trendy clothes and great prices, you will stand out among your competitors! Selling handmade items, such as the ones offered by Asian Eye, creates a new level of quality and originality that most stores do not offer. This will attract more customers who want that one of a kind piece so they will stand out. They are willing to pay more for something different that cannot be found anywhere else!

Our accessories are beautiful and sustain ethical clothing practices globally through fair trade.  Each piece offers a story to your customers about techniques and traditions in bandhani, ikat, kantha, and hand block printing that supports artisans in India.

Did you know that every purchase with Asian Eye also supports women and education through the Hope Project? This organization strives to provide people with opportunities and resources, so that they can realize their hidden potential and determine their own future.

Celebrating these philosophies and ethical practices with your customers lets them know you are dedicated to a better tomorrow and enables customers to be a part of continuing traditions and support.  

 hope projecteducationfair trade

4. Offer something for everyone!

One of the best parts about accessories, is you can sell something for everyone! By offering different price points, designs and fabrics for scarves, hats, bags and gloves all in one place, customers will be able to pick and choose exactly what they like. They won’t have a reason to not make a purchase when a beautiful accessory is at their fingertips! This variety, all available at Asian Eye, will support more sales through add on purchases and keep your customers from walking out empty handed!


5. Always have something to add on for an easy upsell and higher profits!

Keeping accessories staged throughout the store will encourage impulse purchases that are key to increasing sales. Sales associates can upsell beautiful accessories to perfectly complete a new outfit your customer is buying or to compliment what they are wearing when they are hesitant on making a larger purchase. 

Having these smaller, less expensive commodities, such as Asian Eye scarves, hats or bags, will make it easy to convince customers to splurge a little, or to get the perfect gift for a friend. It’s a great way to increase profits and keep customers looking for more!  


6. Merchandise products with accessories to increase general sales! 

Don’t just sell customers an accessory, sell them a whole outfit! Better yet, sell them multiple outfits! By adding accessories to different outfit displays, customers will see just how good Asian Eye scarves will look with that dress. They will be enticed to purchase the entire look, instead of just the dress! 

Plus, displaying different ways to wear a scarf throughout your store and displaying accessories with all of your outfits convinces a customer of the ease to wear a scarf, its utility and versatility they must have! If you can convince your buyers that the accessory will finish off multiple looks in their closet, your sales will easily increase! 


7. Conversational selling is key! 

Getting your sales associates on board is key to all sales success and talking to your clients about what they need and why it will only increase sales!

  • When associates are ringing up guests, talk about the amazing new accessories that just arrived.
  • When asking customers if they need anything, mention your new handmade Asian Eye scarves.
  • While associates help buyers in dressing rooms, have them bring a great accessory to pair with the outfit the client is trying on.
  • When they are making general conversation about your commitment and diversity, have them bring up the store’s dedication to fair trade policies.


Accessories are a key tool for increasing your sales.  And having the right accessories is the foundation for that growth.  No one does amazing, unique, quality accessories like Asian Eye. With a variety of items, price points, designs and styles, you will find everything you need with one-stop wholesale shopping!

Call us today to add a new look to your store and increase your profits; and don’t forget about our amazing trunk shows!  If you are a new customer, just use the promo code New10 for 10% off your first order with us!

We look forward to working with you soon!