This year, wouldn’t it be nice to receive a gift set of specially selected Asian Eye accessories? Better yet, wouldn’t it be nice to give a gift of Asian Eye accessories? Our fall/winter collection this season is refreshingly versatile. So many scarves, hats, and gloves coordinate perfectly, leaving the mix and match options nearly endless. It can almost be overwhelming when choosing a scarf and hat to be gifted together. There is a method to this madness, however, which makes giving coordinating accessories easier!

Selecting a scarf is the best way to start when putting together a scarf, hat, and glove set. Make sure the material is appropriate for the time of year and the color and/or pattern is one that your recipient will like. Consider the colors used in the scarf; which ones are used sparingly? Usually, these accent colors will provide a guide for picking coordinates. For example, our green Pogo scarf is mostly greens, but there are some browns in it, too; a good hat to go with it would be brown like the accent color, and a good pair of gloves would be another brown. The final step is making sure the style of accessories go together. For example, you wouldn’t gift a wool scarf in winter with a sunhat, right? Try to imagine all three pieces in an outfit together to get an idea of how they’d work together.

Some people are better at coordinating in fashion, and that’s okay. This season, Asian Eye is giving you a little help: each week of December until Christmas, we’re offering an accessory set at a discounted price when you get the whole bundle, only available on our retail site! The first set offers our green Pogo scarf, matched with Quinn in brown and our stone hued Tout de Suite gloves. Keep an eye out for the next two gift sets this holiday season!