Ancient cultures hardly ever disappear entirely. Even if most of a culture becomes nothing more than history and artifacts in a museum, some of it will find its way into our daily lives. Take the Aztec culture: we still find bits and pieces of their traditional dress in apparel and accessories today. These influences may not be present all the time, but trends come and go and sometimes become very popular for a period of time, bringing attention to a culture.

Ancient Aztec clothing ranged from very simple to very elaborate, depending on class and social standing. More common people wore plain clothing, seldom decorated with many colors and prints. The higher classes wore more elaborate clothes, woven with patterns and traditional motifs. Because of trade and resources at the time, the Aztec people had access to a number of materials to make natural dyes in bright colors that we associate with the culture today. Bright dyes aren’t the only things that Aztec culture has brought us, though. 

Hand weaving was also a huge part of Aztec culture. The ability to weave clothing and textiles meant that they had items to trade with, and could clothe themselves without depending on others for material and labor. Hand woven Aztec motifs can be found in clothing today, and is often a trend found during warmer seasons. However, brightly hand woven items are also popular in winter for an extra pop of color! One of the most unique pieces we have here at Asian Eye this season is a hand woven piece with an abstract Aztec motif, our Elisha scarf. Check it out while you can!