Many years ago, a wonderful woman fell in love with the beautiful textiles and traditional techniques of India. She embarked on a mission to find skilled artisans throughout Indian and celebrate their work. She brought their treasured goods back to the United States to people who shared her passion and appreciation for these fragile arts. She continued to seek out highly skilled craftspeople and unique textiles to take back to an ever-expanding demand for goods. She came to be known by the people of India as bright eyes and Asian Eye was born.

Today Asian Eye is owned and operated by us, Robyn and Anne. We are sister who, together with our other sister, mother and small but dedicated staff, share this commitment to quality, beauty and the traditions of indigenous techniques not only practiced in India, but around the world. Based on a collaborative business model that relies on friendship, family and positive living, we strive to maintain these values, while celebrating both the textile and the people we work with every day.

We are proud to support multi-generational, family owned and operated businesses and seek out opportunities to work with talented women entrepreneurs, like ourselves, whenever possible. We support global fair trade efforts to ensure artisans can bring their craft to market in a fair and human way and traditions stay alive.

Distinctive fashion gives people a unique avenue to express themselves. With a passion for the trade, our creative team works directly with artisans to select or create amazing textiles that will honor traditions but also feel unique, modern and alive. Our goal is that each piece will help you find beauty in yourself and feel part of something special.


Let us help you to see beyond the ordinary and discover the extraordinary within yourself.


Artisan Collection


All Natural Indigenous Designs

The Artisan Collection by Asian Eye is our signature textile. Working with indigenous craftsmen from India and around the world, we fuse ancient textile techniques with contemporary fashions to create the most diverse spectrum of colors, textures and styles on the market. Made exclusively from all-natural fibers such as wool, silk, cotton, linen and more, each piece is carefully crafted using traditional weaving techniques, hand embroidery, block printing, skillful hand-dying or cutting edge digital technology. You can feel the quality and value that is built into every piece. Enliven your collection with these beautiful styles.


Heirloom Collection


Treasured Works of Art

The Heirloom Collection by Asian Eye is our premium line of accessories. Definied by fiber and technique, each piece reflects the finest quality and superior craftsmanship. Using only luxury, all-natural fibers such as cashmere, mulberry silk, angora or alpaca, designs are constructed with great attention to detail. Highly skilled craftsman are needed to painstakingly produce our handmade Bandhani, Ikat and Kantha designs. Due to the handmade nature of these pieces, color and pattern variations may occur, adding to the unique character of each piece. These pieces will be treasured for their art, craftsmanship and timeless quality. Explore the possibilities with these unique designs and exclusive selections.


Spice Collection


Synthetic Polymer Interwoven Cloth Element

Blending old and new, the Spice Collection by Asian Eye is an exciting new alternative line that mixes all-natural fibers with small amounts of synthetic fibers in order to achieve desirable textures with unique benefits. These alluring blends maintain warmth and softness while adding volume without weight, and improve durability and drape. The Spice designs, produced by our skilled endemic crafts people, are striking, durable and offer a high quality alternative for the budget conscious customer. Add a little spice to your collection with these invigorating styles.